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Providing selected quality products for cleanroom applications

Cleanline® Sticky Mats
Cleanline® Medical Mats
Cleanline® Frames & Bases
Cleanline® Sticky Roller
Cleanline® Ultra Clean Wipers

Cleanline® Sticky Mats

For more than 50 years, Cleanline® Sticky Mats have been the standard for cleaning shoe soles before entry into clean rooms. Learn More>>

Cleanline® Medical Mats

Our Cleanline® Medical Mats are anti-microbial adhesive entrance mats for use in facilities where control of bacterial growth is a concern. Learn More>>

Cleanline® Sticky Roller

Cleanline® Sticky Rollers provide the best possible means of removing even the smallest particles of contamination from flat surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors, table tops, etc.

Cleanline® Frames and Bases

The Cleanline® Mat Mount was designed as a cost effective alternative to the Cleanline® Frame. It is composed of a rigid plastic with a rubberized non-skid backing. Applications include carpeted areas, offices, homes, etc.

Cleanline® Wipers/Workmats

Cleanline® Wipers/Workmats are uniquely effective for many cleanroom uses. White in color, they are made from an ester-type, open cell polyurethane foam.

Eliminate Adhesive Residue Forever

The many different floor surfaces onto which adhesive mats are adhered will sometimes result in adhesive residue being left behind on floors after the last sheet of the mat has been removed. By using our Cleanline® Sticky Mat Frames, and/or Mat Mounts in conjunction with your Sticky Mats, you will never again have to clean up adhesive residue.

Cleanline® Adhesive Residue Remover

If you do not use our Cleanline® Sticky Mat Frames or Cleanline® Mat Mounts, and experience adhesive residue, our adhesive residue remover is a natural, biodegradable solvent made from the juices of citrus peels. It is extremely effective at breaking down adhesive residue left behind on floors after the removal of adhesive floor mats. A Dependable, Consistent, High Quality Supply, Controlled Environment Equipment Corp. has been manufacturing Cleanline® Sticky Mats and related adhesive mat accessories since 1960. Our growth since 1960 can be attributed to our desire to address our customers' concerns. Cleanline® Sticky Mat Frames and Mat Mounts are the result of, and reflect our customer commitment. If You are experiencing adhesive residue please give us the opportunity to show you how to eliminate it forever.